A native Texan, Dr. Jaeckle completed high school and university in San Antonio, Texas. He attended medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas, graduated in 1961, and then completed a straight medicine internship there.  Missionary interests led to philosophy and theology, followed by two-years in central and southern Brazil.  Dr. Jaeckle then returned to the USA for residency training in psychiatry from 1969 to 1972 at St Louis University Hospitals, fellowship in child psychiatry at Washington University Child Guidance Clinic from 1972 to 1974, and then opened his private practice. A life-changing five and one–half years of psychoanalysis during those years prompted his return to Dallas in 1968 and the Dept of Psychiatry, Child Division, for two years. His Dallas private practice opened in 1980 at the current location. He extended his long interest in Allergy further to Environmental Medicine, which includes nutrition, toxicology, endocrinology, and immunology and other related areas.  Dr. Jaeckle has just celebrated his fortieth year of patient care in Psychiatry.

Dr. Jaeckle's life was transformed in 1957 by learning first-hand the benefits of allergy shots and then tracking food allergy for over 47 years. Subsequently, after a mold-induced immune disorder in 1964, he gained insight to the impact that the environment can have on a person's total health. These experiences led  him to complete post-graduate courses in Allergy and Environmental Medicine starting in 1989. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Jaeckle worked with the Pan American Allergy Society, teaching courses and holding Board roles including President and CME director. Additionally, Dr. Jaeckle has worked with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, giving lectures and teaching courses in food allergy, in addition to serving on the Board as Secretary. Since 2007, he has been associated with Pharmasan Laboratory, for whom he has conducted extensive urinary neurotransmitter testing on his patients. This testing has uncovered many opportunities for psychiatric treatment beyond conventional methods.

Dr. Jaeckle continues to be enriched by ongoing studies of the internationally recognized gastroenterologist Fuad Lechin MD, PhD, who has to his credit over forty years of research, over two hundred and forty publications, and nomination for the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2001.  He is especially influenced by Dr. Lechin's 2002 publication "Neurocircuitry and Neuroautonomic Disorders," and his 2009 publication of "Crosstalk Between the Autonomic and Central Nervous Systems."

This wealth of experience brings a unique perspective to Dr. Jaeckle's practice of Psychiatry, serving the whole body, mind, and person.