The specialty of Allergy includes three different groups of physicians.  The first and largest group includes pediatricians or internists with sub-specialization in Allergy and Immunology as part of their residency programs; successful completion of oral and written examinations in both areas then permits the award of diplomate status.

The second group, from surgery, includes the Ear, Nose, and Throat physicians, who have finished their residencies and successfully completed oral and written examinations in ENT surgery.  Some of these physicians then add post-graduate courses in allergy with successful completion of oral and written examinations permitting them to show fellowship status.

The third group, from environmental medicine, must first complete recognized residencies in any specialty and have successfully completed oral and written examinations in that area for diplomate status.  They must then complete post-graduate courses in environmental medicine and successfully complete written and oral examinations to be awarded diplomate status in environmental medicine.

Clinical allergy as we know it today, started in 1911, when Noon started allergy injections in his practice.  By 1917, Talbot discouraged the testing of foods, saying that it had nothing to do with illness.  Many were discouraged by that comment from a well-reputed allergist, but not Rowe.  He published extensively in the 1920’s, originating the elimination diets and extending food reactions to several body systems, including the pulmonary, dermal, skeletal and others.  For his original research, he received recognition and an award at the First International Congress on Food Allergy in Vichy, France, in 1962. Another allergist was to be awarded for developing an original method of skin testing for foods, but died a few months before the meeting.  No award was made, but one of the founders of the Pan American Allergy Society, Dor Brown MD of Fredericksburg, TX, presented the original research of Herbert Rinkle MD of Kansas City.  Even though Dr. Rinkle was a recognized Allegist-Immunologist, his work has never been accepted by that group.  The Pan American Allergy Society and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine are the only groups which have used and taught the methodology to the present.